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We provide a limited 90 days parts and labor warranty on C.O.D service calls                                                for the same issue. 

What is not covered under the warranty of the repair:

1. Commercial, non-residential, multiple-family use, or use inconsistent with published user, operator, or installation instructions.
2. In-home instruction on how to use your product.
3. Service to correct improper product maintenance or installation, installation not in accordance with electrical or plumbing codes, or correction of household electrical or plumbing (i.e. house wiring, fuses, or water inlet hoses). 4. Consumable parts (i.e. light bulbs, batteries, air or water filters, preservation solutions, etc.).
5. Defects or damage caused by the use of non-genuine parts or accessories.
6. Conversion of your product from natural gas or L.P. gas or reversal of appliance doors.
7. Damage from accident, misuse, abuse, fire, floods, acts of God, or use with products not approved by Whirlpool.
8. Repairs to parts or systems to correct product damage or defects caused by unauthorized service, alteration, or modification of the appliance.
9. Cosmetic damage including scratches, dents, chips, and other damage to appliance finishes unless such damage results from defects in materials and workmanship and is reported to Cannon's Appliance Service LLC within 30 days.

10. Discoloration, rust, or oxidation of surfaces resulting from caustic or corrosive environments, including but not limited to, high salt concentrations, high moisture or humidity, or exposure to chemicals.

12. Removal or reinstallation of inaccessible appliances or built-in fixtures (i.e. trim, decorative panels, flooring, cabinetry, islands, countertops, drywall, etc.) that interfere with servicing, removal, or replacement of the product.

13. Service or parts for appliances with original model/serial numbers removed, altered, or not easily determined.

The cost of repair or replacement under these excluded circumstances shall be borne by the customer.​

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