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Coronavirus Update

Update: 06/23/2021
Employees are required to wear face mask while in customers home with customer present. In some circumstances face mask will have to be removed to properly due certain repairs or when heat is a factor for safety reasons such as garages during summer temperatures in Florida. The technician will advise you if this is needed before doing so. Social distancing is still being practiced while in customers home. If you have any special request you would like the technician due before coming into your home please reach out to us asap at our customer service number 863-688-1760. We hope everyone continues to be safe! 

Update: 12/08/2021

While we all still practice social distancing while in your home or business, you may request techs to wear facemask, and other protection if needed before entering your home. Please request this at time of service call set up. We will have supplies on hand to fulfill these request. Your safety and our employees safety are number one priority.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)Update 04/01/2020:
Governor DeSantis ordered a stay-at-home order effective tomorrow at midnight. Please understand and share that essential services that include our company will stay open and continue to offer service. We do encourage everyone to abide by safety practices recommended by the CDC and stay at home when possible unless you need an essential service. We have attached page 19 of the essential services guidelines by the government. Rest assure our employees are practicing these guidelines including proper gloves, and mask to protect our customers and our employees in your homes. Our office is open also for counter sales for appliance parts and some hardware. Please call us at 863-688-1760 if you need parts or service. Thank you and stay safe! 


Essential Services.jpg

Update: 03/24/2020
We will continue to operate our normal hours and use the recommended safety precautions that are provided by the local government and the CDC. All employees have been advised on the safety measures needed to be done to prevent any spread, and protect our customers and our employees. If you have any questions please reach out to our office. 
In the even of a stay at home order or state shut down, essential services like us will remain open. Please be assure we will get you scheduled asap. Be Safe!

Update: 03/19/2020
Are operations at Cannon's Appliance Service LLC are open for business till further notice. As stated on last update, we are taking social distancing very serious, and will continue too.  Our business location is properly sanitized for customer walk ins. If you do not feel comfortable coming in to our store front, just call us and we can help you outside also. We also use this same procedure for in home service calls. If you do not want to be in the same room as the technician, please call our office and provide instructions. Thank you and be safe and well!

Update 03/17/2020: We are taking precautions very seriously and assure you we are planning on a backup plan if we need to close due to an outbreak internally and externally. If Lakeland, or the State goes on a lock down, we will still be running service if it is the same plan as San Francisco is taken on right now. Essential service is still running even there currently. Our business is classified as an essential other service company for in home service. But If you are in quarantine from the virus, and you feel sick, please reach out to us immediately to stop any service request for the length of your sickness of at least 2 weeks, so we can prevent any of our employees from coming in contact with the virus. We are here to help you with your Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, dishwashers and more to get through this ASAP! Please also note you may experience some delays in service if employees are needing time off. We will not send a sick employee to your home or require an employee to work if they experience any of the issues of the Coronavirus. All office employees are in the requirements of the spacing in between work desk. We have a large front parts counter that will also meet the requirements of social distancing in person. All office and counters are thoroughly cleaned for all our protections.

We hope all is safe, and we hope we will be clear of this in the near future and go back to normal operations ASAP.
For further information, please visit the CDC site We will keep you updated if anything changes from us. Best Regards, and be well!

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